"Barbara was awesome! She captivated me through the content of her message, her energy, inflection and dynamic presence." Susan Munro, MEHco Inc.

You've got the right people on the team -- that's a great start!

Now you need to help them work together, steadily improve their performance, be motivated, stay with the company, and grow as leaders. And, most importantly, get past their stumbling blocks.

That's where Barbara May comes in.

Here's the scoop.
Barbara May has a lot of experience and first hand information to share about overcoming stumbling blocks at work. She has interviewed business owners on Learning & Job News, hosted Access Television's May We Talk?, and facilitated more than 500 Career and Employment Workshops.

With more than two decades of work experience behind her in fields as diverse as sport and recreation, education, not-for-profit management, entertainment and government, Barbara May brings a uniquely powerful mix of personal stories, humorous examples, and real-world insight to her programs and clients.

At every one of her team building seminars, Barbara May shares and teaches her Stumbling Blocks philosophy — the belief that you can get past your stumbling blocks — to help people in the audience understand and embrace her key message: If you get back up, anything is possible.

What Are You Looking For?
Inspiring opening and closing keynote speeches for your upcoming meeting, conference or team building event. Learn more
Fun, informative and highly interactive team building seminars for everyone from senior managers to emerging leaders and new recruits. Learn more
Customized skill building workshops on new ways of solving problems in the workplace such as dealing and communicating with co-workers and bouncing back from mistakes. Learn more
"Barbara was excellent at detecting the key stumbling blocks for each person's situation. Wonderful observation skills and very entertaining!" - Carol Brandly, Seminar Participant