Stumbling Blocks: Overcoming Life's Hard Knocks

Format: Motivational Keynote

Description: Everyone makes mistakes, everyone stumbles and falls. The question is, do you know to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get moving again? By talking openly about her struggles and triumphs, Barbara May shows you how to get past your stumbling blocks and be happy, motivated and productive. Hearing Barbara will open your mind to new possibilities as she takes you on an unforgettable journey from falling off the balance beam to surviving life-threatening pulmonary emboli.

Goals of the program: To help people in the audience understand and embrace the stumbling blocks philosophy: If you get back up, anything is possible.

Learning objectives Barbara can support and reinforce:

• Change management and accepting change

• Taking initiative and being willing to ask for help

• Moving on and learning from your mistakes

• Increasing resilience and productivity

• Handling stress and setbacks

• Motivation, team work and accountability

• Communication, collaboration and resolving conflict

Stumbling Blocks: Overcoming Life's Hard Knocks

What's the first step?

Call Barbara May. Discuss your team's biggest stumbling block(s) with her. Then bring her in to work with your team. She'll help you work together, steadily improve your performance, be motivated, stay with the company, and grow as leaders. And, most importantly, get past your stumbling blocks.